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“I’ve been working with Jon and his team for a little over 4 years now and they only continue to get better and better! My company has been impressed with Graze Catering since day 1 and they are the preferred choice. From smaller meetings to large seminars and conferences, I get raving reviews from my colleagues and guests on the quality of the food and the presentation. Him and his team go above and beyond to make your event perfect! Did I mention his food is phenomenal! I absolutely recommend Jon and his team! 5-star food and service every time, so rest assured you are in great hands with Graze Catering.”  – Aimee


This is my 3rd week of dinner delivery and Chef Jon's meals have been hit with my whole family.  With 4 kids, "home learning" and 2 adults working full time it's hard to find time to cook a balanced meal every day, and even harder to find meals everyone will eat!  Graze has made life so much easier and the ordering/delivery is super simple.  Highly recommend!  -Jennifer C.


We also have been getting Graze meals and we are so impressed with not only the creativity of the menu but the quality of the food.  Not only are the salads just delicious, but the meals and all they include.  The kids have loved the desserts (Oreo parfaits, banana pudding, cookies/brownies).  It usually is me and my husband's lunch the next day too.  Win/win as we are both WFM all day and the kids are remote learning!  -Kristi B.


For anyone needing first-hand feedback, we've done Graze Catering family meals since week 1 of the stay at home order and we couldn't be more pleased. We get three fresh, homemade meals each week, and th menu rotates constantly. These meals have been a lifesaver for the days that my working from home runs late and we would have NO idea what to feed the kids! I'm actually wondering what I'm going to do when we all go back to work when this is all over, now that I'm officially spoiled!  _-Michelle K.



Graze Café catered the annual Tenant Appreciation BBQ last summer, and it went off without a hitch!  The service and variety of food was excellent, everything was taken care of, and we look forward to having Graze cater the event again this  -Erin C.


The company I work for often orders catered meals from Graze, and we are always happy with it! From their service, to the food, to the on time delivery, they repeatedly impress us. They are very flexible and accommodating, no matter how large or small of a group we need to feed. I highly recommend them!   -Hilary C.

I work for a local company that often orders from Graze. Whether it’s breakfast or lunch, for large groups or small, we are always impressed and compliments abound. The food is fresh, delicious and looks beautiful—every time. Graze is consistently professional, accommodating, and reliable with on-time deliveries and top quality food and service   -Alisa V.



Once again, you came to please.  Many people made it a point to let me know how delicious everything was.  They not only commented on how yummy it was.  But…. They noticed how fresh the ingredients were.  People do not make time to come give me a report on the lunches I provide for them.  So, that is a big deal that they do.  -Jaime S.



Another new group of people for your lunch today.  They raved about it!  One of my bosses said her lemon basil chicken sandwich was so good, she was planning on only eating half but had to eat all. Thought you would like to know.

                                                                                                                           -Jolene W.

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